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The health of employees influences their productivity, commitment and satisfaction. At Bien-Etre Wellness Centre, we truly believe that nutritious eating habits and balanced lifestyle are crucial to maintaining good health leading to happier and more productive staff.
Trained in Nutritional Medicine and passionate about wholefoods and balanced diet, our goal is to share our passion and empower workers to find the best on foods, nutrition, and lifestyle and educate them about the effects of every day eating on overall health. We share practical tools adaptable to individual lifestyle.
We are familiar with the issues experienced by diverse employees, particularly office workers,  from our experience in Seated Corporate Massage as well as our practice as Nutritionist in clinical setting and public talk.


 1- Focus on nutrition

Corporate Package 3Making the right food choices is key to the prevention and management of chronic diseases and health conditions most encountered in professional environment. By supporting your staff towards healthy choices, you can maintain or diminish significantly the costs of your business due to absenteeism or loss of productivity. Our Holistic Nutrition Programs are tailored for your specific employee needs.

 Our Wellness & Nutrition Seminars

Corporate Package 4These group sessions are convenient and a cost-effective way to reach a large number of employees. In these sessions, we are addressing a variety of health and wellness topics with an emphasis on simple lifestyle changes that employees can implement straight away. Most of our sessions are based on food education or lifestyle management. These presentations are easy to fit in with or run over a lunch break or during working hours. Contact us for more information

Individualized program

In order to answer more specific issues linked to job profile or individual concerns, we advise personalized health and lifestyle assessment. Follow-up sessions can be arranged as part of a package deal. Contact us for more information

2- On site Seated Massage

canstockphoto18126216Regular massage sessions relieve symptomatic effects of work-related stress, improve concentration & reduce fatigue . After chair massage, your staff feel energized, valued and relaxed.

If you want to set your company apart and value your team to improve productivity and health in your company, you can make regular Seated Massage part of your Wellness Program. You can also choose a one-off session for a special occasion or reward your staff or client with regular sessions..

From 10 to 30 minutes,choose the time that is adapted to your business. Contact us for more information


Bien-Etre Wellness Centre offer some Corporate Wellness Packages tailored to your organisation, including Wellness & Nutrition Seminars, On Site Seated Massage,  as well as Corporate Yoga in association with Corporate Yoga Australia.

Please contact us to discuss the specific health needs of your employees.