Relaxation / Swedish Massage

 The benefit of touch

MassageTouch, like food or water, is essential. One of the marvel of touch is that it benefits us on every levels – physical, emotional and spiritual, at any stage of your life – from early adulthood to retirement through pregnancy & all stages of family life.

It improves sleep, reduces muscular tension, provokes a sense of well-being and calm and can improve self-image, concentration and energy.

Many of us, when we think about massage, relate it to sore muscles or a chance to unwind. Massage can also takes on other meanings: it can become a strategy to lower anxiety, improve energy, or a form of communication. It helps to re-establish a connection with oneself.IMG_0233 - 1

Swedish massage is a flowing massage  that stimulates circulation, improves oxygen flow and relax muscle. It is designed to soothe the nervous system, slow down brain wave activity allowing a decrease in stress hormone and an increase in “feel good” hormones: if you attend regular sessions you feel relaxed, more energetic and nurtured. It is an excellent massage when you feel stressed and overloaded.

As stated by Candace Pert, the physical body can access the mind and emotions for wellness. The skin, the spinal cord, the organs are all nodal points of entry into the psychosomatic network.

So, get in touch with your body

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